You Can’t Tread Water in a River

There are many opportunities for fun this time of year. While enjoying your romantic getaway at Hidden Serenity Bed and BSpring Riverreakfast this spring, take an adventure on the beautiful Milwaukee River. This river winds through the Kettle Moraine as well as the small city of West Bend and other little villages. So grab your kayak or canoe and have some adventure only a short distance north of Milwaukee. Read on to see how it all works.

Spring weather has resulted in a great deal of water entering our river systems here in Eastern Wisconsin. The Milwaukee River runs through West Bend and has many opportunities for a person seeking a fun kayak or canoe trip. With the spring rains, you will minimize the amount of times you have to port around shallow areas since the river is running strong right now! The two most common trips are from Kewaskum to West Bend (Barton) and from West Bend to Newburg.

For those launching in Kewaskum, the “East branch” of the Milwaukee river slowly flows through the more rural sections of Northern Washington County. In this section of the river you will first paddle through the Hon-E-Kor golf course, agricultural lands and a flood-plain forest. Just north of Highway H, a feeder stream flows into the river. This area has good habitat for fish and if you plan to bring a rod and reel along for the trip, northern pike can be caught using spinners. Expect this trip to take 3-5 hours.

Launching in West Bend, a longer trip to Newburg starts in the section of the river that goes through the City of West Bend. It is possible to actually kayak right through downtown starting below the dam (just north of Highway 33). There is sufficient current during high water to make for some excitement. If you wish to avoid the urban section of the trip, you can launch further downstream where there is a very nice canoe launch in Riverside Park. This section of the river is excellent smallmouth bass habitat, whether you just wish to watch for fish or catch them on a small spinner or jig. Since this section of the river is just south of the West Bend airport, do not be surprised if you see a few low flying planes! Expect this trip to last 5-6 hours.

Details of where to put in and take out your canoe or kayak can be found at.

A full map of canoe launch sites in the area for people seeking a real adventure is at:

For current water conditions including real time stream flow visit

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity that only a rainy spring can bring to us. After you have experience the river, come back to our luxury inn to a soothing shower and relaxing massage to comfort those sore muscles. Check out the packages and specials page to what deals you can get while staying with us. At Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast you can always count on a hot gourmet breakfast and a comfy bed!

Riverside Brewery, a Microbrewery with Great Food

Riverside-final_1x1Near Riverside Park in West Bend, a short walk upstream and over a bridge you can find the Riverside Brewery and Restaurant, a fantastic local establishment featuring excellent food and beverages. As the name implies, many of the beverages are made on site where you can experience drinks that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. An established microbrewery in downtown West Bend.

During a recent visit to Riverside Brewery our guests enjoyed slow cooked barbecue ribs with a home brewed beer and flavorful orange cream soda. After our friendly waitress took our order, our drinks arrived quickly in attractive glasses. Fresh rolls or bread allowed us to whet our appetites, but there is a great selection of other appetizers as well. The soup and salad that we each tried were very good, but the highlight was definitely the ribs.

Riverside Brewery has a number of excellent barbecue sauces, made on site, that perfectly compliment the flavor and texture of the ribs. The slow cooking process resulted in a tender rib that still had sufficient texture for a great eating experience during the main course.

We chose to risk it all for dessert by selecting the “Death by Chocolate” item from the dessert menu which also included “Chocolate Lava” and a variety of cheesecake and other great bites. We survived the “Death by Chocolate” but don’t be too surprised if you feel heavenly while eating this dessert.

A visit to Riverside Brewery will really enhance your visit. If you are in town on a weekday there is a happy hour from 3:00-5:00PM where you can save $1.00 off the price of all sizes of microbrews. What better way to sample the locally brewed favorites! For a menu, hours of service, food and drink menu and a virtual tour click here:

Stroll down the Riverwalk in West Bend

Dusk in Riverside ParkThe Milwaukee river watershed has seen considerable habitat improvement in recent decades. A great area to enjoy the fruits of this work runs through Riverside Park in West Bend. The current beauty of the area sparks the imagination of what is possible within the limits of a city.

This park was once under water. The River Road access point tells the story of the Woolen Mills dam which once harnessed the river for power. The area behind the dam formed the West Bend Mill Pond, a 67 acre lake within the city. By the 1970s the Mill Pond was obsolete as a power source and had turned into a turbid, stagnant pool with poor water quality and wildlife habitat. In 1988 the dam was removed allowing the river to flow freely. Within a decade the free flow of the river had rehabilitated the environment and according to a 1997 fish study, smallmouth bass replaced carp as the prominent fish over 8 inches in length.

Riverside Park was built in what was the basin of the mill pond. Native grasses with their singing birds now live in areas once covered with silt. The beautiful walking path meanders through the park as part of the West Bend Riverwalk system entering at the Water street access and running through the park to River Road. The walkway features several unique old rail bridges spanning the river proper.

Riverside Park can be accessed from Kilbourn or Indiana Avenues, River Road, or Water Street. The Water Street entrance is a 10 minute walk from downtown West Bend restaurants and shops by taking Water Street east of downtown. Another way to stroll over to the park from downtown is walking down Auxiliary Ct. and hooking up with the Riverwalk Parkway just a short walk south down the river.

In addition to the wonderful walking path, Riverside Park has the typical amenities along with a disk golf course, tennis, sand volleyball courts, baseball diamonds, play equipment, permanent restrooms, and grills.

Riverside Park is only 10 short minutes from Hidden Serenity and is easy and fun to explore. For our guests looking for a mixture of city and relaxing park, this is an excellent choice. Visit downtown shops and the museum and then head over to enjoy a picnic in the park. The Riverwalk is truly a gem in the city.

Nearby Gem of a Lake for fishing, swimming, relaxing

cindi and willis in their canoeBeautiful natural water. That is what you can find within a very short distance of Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast. We are blessed with abundant water resources in Eastern Wisconsin including lakes created by glaciers that once covered the area. These lakes often have excellent water quality.

Some of the lakes in our vicinity are small enough that a person can experience some quiet moments with the water and nature without the noise of boat motors and personal watercraft. So, if the sight of the canoe hanging from our ceiling gives you the urge to get out on the water, here is an idea:

Erler Lake boasts the still new Leonard J. Yahr County Park which has very nice facilities including a small beach, modern restroom facilities and play equipment. The lake features a carry-in boat access which means that larger boats cannot launch there. This makes it perfect for the person or couple seeking a nice place to paddle a canoe or kayak. At just 37 acres, Erler Lake is usually calm in the evenings and is small enough that you can explore the whole lake without working yourself to exhaustion.

One of the great things about Erler Lake is the natural beauty you will find there. There are large areas of undisturbed shoreline with natural aquatic vegetation present in the shallows near the shoreline. This combination is excellent “edge” habitat for wildlife, which may show themselves while you quietly paddle by. If you can extend your time on the water until twilight, you can often see a spectacular sunset over the tree line on the western shore of the lake.

Quiet waters and a gorgeous sunset at Erler Lake make for the start of a great romantic evening, especially if you are staying at a romantic, luxurious Bed and Breakfast like Hidden Serenity. With our Kettle Moraine area lodging only a couple of miles from the lake, You can have a romantic getaway from start to finish.

Biking a rails to trails corridor near Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast

Like to Bike? Looking for a vacation getaway that includes biking?

Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast is located in an area that is rich in biking opportunities. Just southwest of our Bed and Breakfast the Eisenbahn trail crosses State Highway 144. The Eisenbahn is a “rails to trails” project and stretches from Rusco road, South of West Bend through scenic Kettle Moraine topography to the Village of Eden. With the Eisenbahn, you get the beauty of biking in the Kettle Moraine without the steep hills that can reduce the enjoyment of the ride.

While many people drive vehicles to the trail, experienced road bikers can simply enjoy riding to the trail on upgraded State Highway 144, which now has a bike lane! Riders can leave the comfort of Hidden Serenity B&B, bike west on Shalom Drive before turning south onto 144 and heading into the northern part of West Bend locally known as Barton. The trail crossing is clearly marked and for those who enjoy the comfort of a paved trail, riding south will take you through the City of West Bend. For those who want a longer ride on a gravel trail, riding north will lead you to the communities of Kewaskum, Campbellsport and Eden, depending upon how far you wish to bike. The entire trail is 25 miles long.

You will experience a great night sleep in one of our luxury private rooms where you will find interesting details wherever you look. Trail-using guest at Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast enjoy a relaxing massage in our mini spa either after a day on the trails or the next morning after a delicious hot gourmet breakfast. In any case you will be ready to enjoy the trails again.

The Eisenbahn trail is just one of many great things to experience in the area when you stay at Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast. Stay tuned for more about this unique area of the state, located just a short drive north of Milwaukee. Find out why so many urban dwellers are experiencing up north Wisconsin so close to home!

Ice Age Trail Pick up Offered at Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast

Scene from Ice Age Trail, Northern Kettle Moraine Forest, in SpringJust 40 minutes north of Milwaukee, Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast is situated on the edge of the Kettle Moraine State Forest. This romantic Wisconsin bed and breakfast is nestled in the woods and has private wooded trails on the property for the guests to enjoy. But for those who have more time or choose to be more adventurous, there are many trails nearby that can be traveled on for miles.


One such trail is the Ice Age Trail. This is a national trail that is built and maintained by a local chapter of volunteers. The Ice Age National Scenic Trail is a thousand-mile footpath — entirely within Wisconsin — that highlights these Ice Age landscape features while providing access to some of the state’s most beautiful natural areas. This trail passes just miles from Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast.


As your hosts at Hidden Serenity B&B we want to make this wonderful walking trail truly enjoyable for you, our valued guest at our luxury inn. As an added amenity to our guests, and with prior arrangements made, we provide trail pick up within a 30 mile radius for a $25 fee.


The Kettle Moraine is an extremely beautiful area of the state and the trails within the system are gorgeous as well as invigorating. With our trail pick up you can enjoy your day and there is no need to stress about getting back to your car or our inn. In fact, when we arrive to pick you up, you will be greeted with a cool refreshment and other treats that will be a perfect ending to an awesome day (included in the package).


After a day on the trails, our guests can enjoy a massage in our new mini spa room. Let our certified massage therapist work out those tight muscles and sore joints. Imagine a day on the trails, a late afternoon massage, dinner at a local fine restaurant, and the evening in our cozy beds. Wake up to a hot gourmet breakfast before starting out on a new adventure. Now that sounds like a memorable getaway!

Hidden Serenity, a wedding destination for an intimate, special wedding

Intimate wedding in the woods

Intimate setting for a beautiful wedding

Words that may describe your wedding day: peaceful, intimate, casual, elegant, exciting, fun, serene, fabulous, tranquil, simple, memorable, special, beautiful, luxurious, quiet, laid-back, joyful, rustic, comfortable. Find all of that and more at our romantic getaway, tucked in the woods. An intimate wedding venue that will make your day special.


Are you planning an intimate wedding? Our luxury bed and breakfast is a great place to have a classic or modern ceremony and after-wedding party. The great room can be cleared and provide a romantic atmosphere for your quaint ceremony. The large balcony above is a perfect space for extra seating and/or your musicians. The bright and cheery great room boasts 22 foot high ceiling to floor windows that let in natural light and beauty from the outdoors. Just out the door off the great room is a large deck where you and your guests can roam out and enjoy the outdoors.


A wedding ceremony at Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast would be both romantic and peaceful, with the forest as a backdrop to your special day. With the right weather, an outdoor ceremony could even be arranged. Depending on the time of year, our blooming wildflowers and gorgeous perennials and annuals add charm and color to the beautiful greens and browns of the woods.


Hidden Serenity is your romantic getaway for your wedding day. Whether you exchange your vows at our inn in the woods or decide to make this your wedding night destination you will be pleasantly met with innkeepers that are here to make your day/night the memorable event you want it to be.


Amenities a wedding couple will enjoy at our B&B are our spacious Kettle Moraine Suite with a Jacuzzi, gourmet hot breakfast, luxury beds, two-person shower, in-room fireplace, private baths, mood lighting and a private hiking trail that is a great stress reliever the day after the big day. Depending on your own preferences, you could book out the entire inn and let the parents of the lovely couple stay as well. We have four rooms all with private baths and an extra Murphy bed bunk bed located in an attached room to the suite. We can accommodate up to 10 people.


There are lots of choices a wedding couple have to make before the big day. Let us help make your day unique and catered to your special desires and needs. What words will describe your wedding day?

Brown Bear cubs at Shalom Wildlife Zoo

Adopted brown bear cubs at Shalom Wildlife Zoo

Shalom Wildlife Zoo has adopted two brown bear cubs

Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast has new neighbors! Two fuzzy, cuddly guys named Lewis and Clark have moved in across the street. Shalom Wildlife Zoo has adopted two brown bear cubs. They are a huge hit in eastern Wisconsin and have captured the hearts of many all over the world! Lewis and Clark have been on the news on at least two different channels and are a huge sensation on the Shalom Wildlife facebook page. They even were on Good Morning America!!


While you are enjoying a romantic getaway at our inn in the woods, you can literally walk over to Shalom Wildlife Zoo and see the brown bear cubs and all the other creatures they have, such as elk, several kinds of deer, buffalo, fox, goat, horses, and many more animals. Many mamas have birthed babies this spring which makes it even more exciting. Come to see the little ones including Lewis and Clark.


Lodging at Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast is perfect for the animal lover who will certainly visit the Shalom Wildlife Zoo. Our romantic Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast offers gourmet hot breakfasts with fresh coffee or fresh herbal teas. Out our large windows you may see many native animals walk by looking for a bite to eat in the forest. Birds lovers may catch the resident Pileated Woodpecker pair, a red tailed hawk, or many of the other beauties we have out the windows. Take a hike on our private trails and you may rustle up some wildlife along the path. Because we are tucked away in the woods of the Kettle Moraine you never know what nature has in store for you. The beauty of our romantic getaway cannot be hidden.


Don’t rush through the Shalom Wildlife Zoo and head home the same day, Make it a relaxing time away from the busy life. See the animals, enjoy the outdoors and nestle into a luxurious Bed and Breakfast for the night. Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast, conveniently located just across the street from Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary.

Fresh Maple Syrup offered at Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast

tapping the sugar maples to make syrup at Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast

Tapping the sugar maples to make syrup at Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast

A new adventure at Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast is about to begin! Soon we will tap our sugar maple trees – a hobby, and  often a business that many people in Wisconsin partake in. The delicious golden treasure is ready to flow. As we ready our equipment to go through the process, we are excited about this new endeavor. We have been doing extensive research on collecting the sap and boiling it down to make smooth, sweet syrup. If you are looking for a relaxing getaway during the next few weeks book a room at our Bed and Breakfast, you may find us tending to the sap! We are anxious to share the thick liquid with our guests at Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast. Imagine your hot gourmet breakfast of waffles, smothered with maple syrup tapped from the trees just outside the windows of our luxury inn. There aren’t too many Kettle Moraine area lodgings that can offer that!

Tapping the sap in the maple trees is just the beginning of a beautiful spring season.  The flow of the sap indicates that the trees will soon be budding out and the days are getting longer and, thank goodness, warmer. A nice hike on our trails will awaken your senses that may need some reviving at this time of year, just like the trees. Enjoying a romantic getaway in spring can be very refreshing for the body and the soul. As we collect the sap and boil it down, we are imagining all the guests at Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast that will be enjoying the delicious breakfast it will be served with. Treat yourself, body, soul and sweet tooth too!

Connect with Nature at Wisconsin Wildlife Sanctuaries

Wisconsin Wildlife SanctuariesOne of the best things about visiting our charming West Bend Bed and Breakfast is the ability to escape the routine of everyday life, and to experience a rejuvenating connection with nature.  Our Bed and Breakfast is conveniently located 35 minutes from Milwaukee, making it an easy weekend getaway destination.  Our property is located near West Bend, nestled peacefully in the woods surrounding the Kettle Moraine State Forest.  On property, guests can choose to stroll along our secluded walking trails, or relax in our tastefully decorated rooms filled with special creature comforts, including inviting antique fireplaces.  If you’re looking for a deeper connection with nature, then there are many nearby places you can go to meander along beautiful trails, or view the enchanting Wisconsin wildlife in their native environment.  Book your room now, and find the time this winter to escape to our wonderful West Bend Bed and Breakfast, where you can visit several local Wisconsin wildlife sanctuaries.

Wisconsin Wildlife Sanctuaries

Wisconsin Wildlife SanctuariesWildlife viewing is not always on the top of the list for winter activities, but these quiet, serene months can provide you with some of the best Wisconsin wildlife viewing.  One of the closest Wisconsin wildlife sanctuaries is the beautiful Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary, literally located just across the street.  Unfortunately, this experience is only available from May through November.  However, there are still plenty of possibilities to view wildlife during these beautiful winter months.  Riveredge Nature Center is home to a beautiful and diverse landscape, and is the perfect location for a little winter bird-watching.  Here, you’ll find over 186 species of birds, as well as 26 different types of mammals nestled amongst the nearly 600 species of plants.  This unique ecological area is well known for its biodiversity, and has been widely recognized for providing innovative environmental education to learners of all ages.  Another great area for wildlife viewing is the Horicon Marsh Education & Visitor Center, which is the largest freshwater cattail marsh in the United States.  This beautiful marsh is home to a wide variety of marsh birds, including ducks, geese, pelicans, herons, egrets, and cormorants.  This is also your best chance for the occasional rare sighting of threatened and endangered species.  Finally, take the time to explore the beautiful 136 acre Lac Lawrann Conservancy.  At this stunning Wisconsin wildlife sanctuary, you’ll find over 200 species of birds, small mammals such as Deer, squirrel, beaver, mink, and muskrat, and badger, as well as some of the regions beautiful glacial landscapes and geological features.  

As you can see, there are no shortages of opportunities to view the beautiful Wisconsin wildlife that frequents our area throughout the year. The winter landscapes, dominated by their white, snowy layer, sometimes offer the best platforms for viewing these magnificent animals in their natural habitats.  Escape from those winter doldrums, and come explore winter’s wild landscapes with us. Book your stay at Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast now, and then come back throughout the different seasons to see what else we have in store!

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