Month: February 2015

Give the Gift of Serenity

PresentYou’re team at work has been great – loyal, hardworking, always willing to go the extra mile. They have just completed a long, draining project with incredible success and now you are looking for a way to reward their efforts. You realize they are more than likely wiped out physically as well as mentally. You want to ensure they fully recover as future projects are on their way. Of course you also want to thank them for their amazing talents, and have been contemplating the perfect gift. A gift that will rejuvenate as well show each one of them how valuable of an asset they are to your team at your company.

Look no further than Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast. Located only two hours from Chicago and nestled the beautiful Wisconsin woods, Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast is the perfect escape to refresh and catch up on much needed rest. Put your team in our hands and they will come back to work energized and ready for that next project that comes their way. There is nothing better than running from the chaos of everyday life and into the hands of serenity. Our bed and breakfast offers luxury rooms, private baths, plenty of nature, massage packages and a nice warm breakfast to wake up to each morning. Our guests also enjoy our fresh maple syrup made right from the trees in our back yard. With hiking trails out our door and common areas where one can play games or just relax with a good book, you won’t even have a reason to leave our property.

Let us take care of your team for you, whether they are staff, or a client, they will come back so refreshed that you will book a weekend for yourself! We offer gift certificates as well as packages, so make sure to give us a call today!

Fun Wisconsin Fact: Did you know that America’s first kindergarten was founded in Watertown, Wisconsin?

Bird Watching in the Kettle

Pileated Woodpecker - USA BirdsAre you someone who loves nature- just going out and walking and exploring and soaking in its beauty? Do you find yourself enjoying watching birds, finding different species, watching their movement and habits? We do also! And Wisconsin is the perfect place just for that. There are a few that we get excited about when we catch a glimpse and hear their wonderful sounds – the Pileated Woodpecker, Red-bellied woodpecker and a variety of owls, each often discovered in the Kettle Moraine area and more specifically here at our bed and breakfast.

What a fantastic day trip idea as you stay at Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast! Take a day, pack a lunch and set out to find thsee birds and others as you explore the area trails, something all of our guests thoroughly enjoy.

This winter there has been almost daily sightings of the gorgeous Red-bellied Woodpecker right out our large back windows, as well as Downy Woodpeckers, Hairy Woodpeckers, Nut-hatches, Black-capped Chickadees, Red Tailed Hawks, and Barred Owls. You will have a fantastic chance of also hearing the owls communicating with one another.

Don’t worry! These wonderful creatures will still be around in the up-coming seasons! Spring is a perfect time to go searching for many varieties of birds. Early spring is a fantastic time to go looking for the Red-bellied Woodpecker as this is their mating time where the male will begin claiming his territory in search of a mate. The male, as many other woodpeckers do, uses drumming as a primary source in attracting a mate, done on hollow limbs, utility poles or other material that will get his point across.

Book your stay with us today and experience bird watching in Wisconsin. We are only a couple of hours north of Chicago, a perfect drive for a weekend getaway from the hustle of the city! We look forward to serving you and loved one soon!

Fun Wisconsin Fact: Most everyone knows that Wisconsin is famous for our milk and cheese but did you also know that other farm products that can be found here are peas, beans, corn, potatoes, oats, hay and cranberries? Something to think about when Thanksgiving comes along this year!

Golfing at Erin Hills

Erin Hills Golf - Erin, WisconsinThe U.S. Open is one of four major golf championships for men’s professional golf and Wisconsin’s own Erin Hills in Erin, Wisconsin, a short 30 minute drive from Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast will be hosting this prestigious event in 2017.

Erin Hills is one of our younger courses in Wisconsin, being renovated in 2009, though it lacks in nothing and is a course highly sought after by residents as well as those coming from out of town.  Beginning in fall 2009 through Spring 2010, 250 trees were cleared to make room for the course.  If you play all 18 holes, beginning from the first tee, you will have walked 8.4 miles on this majestic walking-only golf course as carts are not permitted.  But no worries, you will enjoy the stroll from hole to hole as you envelop yourself in one of the most beautiful parts of our state. The rolling hills and wooded terrain make it a challenging and gorgeous course.

Erin Hills does have guest accommodations, but why not book with Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast, a great alternative to the one on the course, a home away from home feel with luxury beds, private baths, peace and calm nestled in the woods.  A perfect way to relax after a long fulfilling day of golf, waking up to a warm breakfast, including our home made maple syrup.  Make sure to book with us today as you plan your trip to wonderful Wisconsin for golf or whatever brings you to our area.

Fun Wisconsin Fact:  Some famous Wisconsinites include:  Laura Ingalls Wilder (author of the Little House books), Frank Lloyd Wright (architect), Liberace (pianist), Douglas MacArthur (WWII General), Don Ameche, Pat O’Brien, Spencer Tracy, Gene Wilder and Orson Welles (all actors).

Local Artist Daniel Gerhartz Attracts Artist to Hidden Serenity

Daniel Gerhartz - In Her CareWhat does Wisconsin have that you don’t have?  Daniel F. Gerhartz, an impressionist artist that creates absolutely stunning works, many featuring women clothed in simply fantastic beauty.  Realistic and expressive in nature, gleaming from the likes of artists such as John Singer Sargent, Alphonse Mucha, Joaquin Sorolla and Nicolai Fechin, Daniel has a talent like many of the most famous artists’ works you see in national museums across the world, nothing lacking.  

He draws much of his inspiration from romanticism and symbolism, something one can easily pick up on as you view his wide portfolio.  According to his website, “Dan has drawn upon his home and community in Wisconsin, including family and friends.  His sense of intimacy and honesty with regard to his subjects are a direct result of his closeness and proximity to them.”  His paintings are vibrant, emotional, fresh and inviting.  Backdrops for the subject can be the beautiful rolling hills of Wisconsin and it’s nature or a wonderful interior of a home.  He reminds us of another time yet keeping us in the present with each powerful stroke.  

We are very proud to have Daniel Gerhartz as a part of our lovely Wisconsin heritage. Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast has seen a few artists through our doors as they come to enjoy the peaceful surroundings that we have to offer, taking their canvas to capture the nature of beauty and all it entails.  Make sure to book a reservation with us soon so you can experience our inn with hiking trails in our backyard, luxury beds and private baths featuring a hot breakfast in the morning as you wake up to the quiet sounds of nature.  

Take a step back from the chaos of every day life bringing your paints and canvas’ this spring as Wisconsin comes to life in full color.

Fun Wisconsin Fact:  The first practical typewriter was designed in Milwaukee in 1867.

Artists enjoy Hidden Serenity

One painterWisconsin isn’t just all about the beautiful landscapes of the Kettle Moraine, magnificent golf courses and, of course, our cheese. Yes, there is much more to ‘our’ Wisconsin. One of our other gems we, in this area, are proud of is our very own well known artist, Daniel Gerhartz, known for his wonderful expressive, impressionist works of art that grab your heart from the moment you set eyes on them.

You can find women, clothed in beauty, as well as nature and it’s array of colors, shapes and personality in Gerhartz’s art. His art is known for balancing “the crafting of accurate, solid forms while retaining the lyrical nature of the visual world.” Daniel is “at his best with subjects from everyday life, genre subjects, sacred-idyllic landscapes or figures in quiet repose, meditation or contemplative isolation.” Schooled at Chicago’s American Academy of Art, Gerhartz originally began as a commercial artist though he had a soft spot and love for American impressionists as well as modern Russian art. Because of this he began to study the works of several famous artists in this genre including John Singer Sargent, Nicolai Fechin, Carl von Marr, to name just a few, and soon after found his own part to play in this arena.

Many artists come to Wisconsin to paint their view as they capture all that nature has to offer with our rolling hills, vast beauty, plethora of critters and colors of the rainbow. At Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast, we have had our share of artists in residence, enjoying our luxury beds, quiet serene environment and plenty of nature to capture right in our back yard or a short drive away. It’s an opportunity you and your canvas will not want to miss. Join us as the flowers begin to bloom and the colors awaken to Spring.

Fun Wisconsin Fact: Wisconsin is known as the Badger State after the habits of early miners in the region who either lived in mine shafts or dug their homes out of the sides of hills just like Badgers do.

Artists at Hidden Serenity

forest sceneEvery artist hopes for a beautiful array of colors, a scenery that takes one’s breath away by it’s wonder and a glimpse into the eyes of nature. You will find all of that and more in Wisconsin’s wonderful Kettle Moraine and as you leave you will only want to come back for more.

A plethora of colors and beauty, Kettle Moraine is the perfect escape into nature, to a postcard-worthy scene with plenty of fascinating landscapes for your brush to paint on that new white canvas. If you have been lacking inspiration, you will most definitely find it once again in Wisconsin. There is nothing like the backdrops in our very own backyard, whisking away the stresses of the city and every day life. As you look at the view and lay down that brush, making that first stroke, all of the chaos will wash away. You will find a large mass of landscapes to choose from. This is a nature artists dream come true.

On top of the fascinating scenes to choose from, you will find our luxury rooms at Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast most accommodating after a day in the sun painting and drawing your next masterpiece. We are only a short drive away and the perfect location for your great escape into Wisconsin’s beauty and fascination as we are a hotspot for several artists and our area is home to renowned artists as well.

There’s nothing like enjoying creation and creativity by day, luxury beds and private bath by night and then waking up to a gourmet hot breakfast in the middle of nature’s painted landscape. There is beauty just outside our doors an artist could translate onto canvas. Whether your medium is paint, pencil, pen or poetry, inspiring landscapes and peaceful wisps of the wind surround Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast.

Make sure to book your next stay with us soon and capture the moment.

Fun Wisconsin Fact: We bet you have been wondering all along what Wisconsin residents are called. No worries anymore – we have your answer. We are known as Wisconsinites (or Cheeseheads!)

Golfing Adventure at Hon-E Kor Golf Course

The Hon-E-Kor golf course, located in the Kewaskum Community, just a short drive from Hidden Serenity Bed Fall Golfand Breakfast, has been around for the last 50 wonderful years. It has the same amazing landscape you would expect from a Wisconsin golf course with our fabulous rolling hills and Kettle Moraine, converted from a simple family farm into a majestic golf course back in 1960.

Hon-E-Kor’s fantastic course will impress all skill levels of golfer’s and brings people from all over the nation to experience the picturesque backdrop while setting up for your next hole. There are plenty of fairways, water hazards and sand traps to keep you intrigued as you spend the day basking in the sun and leaving all stress behind. Their course will challenge you and most definitely improve your game and they always strive to provide their guests with a quality experience, just as we do. It is a great get-a-way for a relaxing day, you may even want to try their wonderful restaurant as lunch time comes.

Let Hon-E-Kor take care of you by day and we will take care of the morning and evening with our fabulous beds, private luxury baths and hot breakfasts. You can relax in your room in the evening venture out into the common room. Gaze out the huge windows overlooking the beauty of Wisconsin, who knows you may catch some of the resident wildlife. You can also add a hike in after your day on the course or early in the morning as we have our own private hiking path for your enjoyment.

Make sure to book your room soon as they tend to go fast during the golf season! We look forward to meeting you.

Fun Wisconsin Fact: The name Wisconsin is actually from an Indian word. The origin is not certain, however, it has been thought perhaps to be an Algonquian Indian word that means “long river”, a Chippewa/Ojibwa/Anishinabe word, “Ouisconsin,” that means “grassy place” or “gathering of the waters”.


Golfing at Kettle Hills Golf Course

Golf Course ReflectionWisconsin. Famous for our beautiful rolling hills, fabulous lakes, beer, festivals, dairy (mostly in the form of cheese), fishing, glorious hiking trails and fascinating golf.

Ahhhhh Golf….

As we approach springtime with the trees budding, flowers blooming, greens becoming greener and sunshine warming our faces, we tend to think more about all the days we can spend on the golf course perfecting our game. What a great place to relax and get away from the busy week of meetings and taking care of the children. A place we can enjoy the peace and calm of the outdoors and a game of golf.

Washington County and the surrounding area has many fabulous golf courses that you can enjoy while staying at Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast. There is nothing better than staying in luxury at our Bed and Breakfast, waking up to nature, a hot breakfast, slowing things down and taking in the beauty of one of them — Kettle Hills Golf Course, just a short drive away.

Kettle Hills is set among the rolling glacial hills that offer some of the most scenic wooded natural terrain. It is where three challenging courses are offered (45 holes). Whether you are just beginning to get into golf or have been enjoying it for years, this golf course is one you won’t want to miss checking out as you stay with us. It has something to offer for all skill levels and is among one of the favorites of our guests.

As this season becomes busy and brings several avid golfers, make sure to book with us soon before we fill! We look forward to hosting you this golf season!

Fun Wisconsin fact: Wisconsin snowmobile trials total 15,210 miles of snow highways!

The Golf Club At Camelot

Golf iPhone AppGolf. Whether you tour and compete or just really enjoy the game, the Wisconsin golf season is upon us and we are all very excited! Not only does this mean warmer weather, it also means many days out enjoying the beauty of nature, crisp morning hikes and of course golf at one of the fascinating golf courses in and around Washington County.

Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast is thrilled to host many guests who are avid golfers. We are conveniently located just a short drive away from many of our state’s best golf courses. One of our guests favorite courses is The Golf Club At Camelot, located in the Kettle Moraine is an award-winning golf course with a legendary reputation for it’s unusual terrain and exciting course!

The Golf Club At Camelot offers their guests four sets of tee boxes, with a fifth one coming soon. Recently renovated and improved, they are always standing out against the competition and offer something for everyone. Whether you have four in your party or 100, you will walk away from the day feeling great.

What a great way to spend your time with us! Not only can you enjoy our onsite hiking trails, pure maple syrup (made onsite) and a luxury breakfast as you wake up each morning, but you will also have a splendid day of golf at your fingertips.

Make sure you book your reservation with us soon as we tend to fill up fast during the golf season! We at Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast look forward to meeting you very soon!

Fun Wisconsin fact: Did you know that Wisconsin visitors and residents enjoy the state’s 7,446 streams and rivers? There is a total of 26,767 miles of rivers. More than enough to circle the globe at the equator!

Washington County Golf Course

1458 Banff National ParkAnyone who has a love of golf will want to visit The Washington County Golf Course while staying at Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast.

The Washington County Golf Course is a fantastic course that offers a challenging and fun experience for every golfer of every skill level. This course is also rated as the number one municipal golf course in Wisconsin by Golfweek Magazine, and has been given 4.5 stars by Golf Digest Magazine. It is also the USGA Qualifier Host for the US Open as well as Qualifier Host for Amateur Public Links, Women’s Amateur Public Links and Women’s Mid-Amateur. Quite a list this golf course can boast about! Set in the picturesque Kettle Moraine Area it is yet another beautiful golf course to please the avid sportsman/woman who has fallen in love with the game. This course is already ranked as Wisconsin’s #1 golf course and the nation’s #33. This is definitely a course you will want to add to your bucket list!

It is just a short drive from Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast where you can enjoy our luxury rooms with private bath, hot breakfast, hiking trails, beautiful views of nature with our large windows. Enjoy a massage after a day on the course; take a moment to pamper yourself with your stay at our top bed and breakfast. The area abounds with plenty to do.

Fun Wisconsin fact: Wisconsin produces more cheese than any other state and is known as the dairy capital of the United States!