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One painterWisconsin isn’t just all about the beautiful landscapes of the Kettle Moraine, magnificent golf courses and, of course, our cheese. Yes, there is much more to ‘our’ Wisconsin. One of our other gems we, in this area, are proud of is our very own well known artist, Daniel Gerhartz, known for his wonderful expressive, impressionist works of art that grab your heart from the moment you set eyes on them.

You can find women, clothed in beauty, as well as nature and it’s array of colors, shapes and personality in Gerhartz’s art. His art is known for balancing “the crafting of accurate, solid forms while retaining the lyrical nature of the visual world.” Daniel is “at his best with subjects from everyday life, genre subjects, sacred-idyllic landscapes or figures in quiet repose, meditation or contemplative isolation.” Schooled at Chicago’s American Academy of Art, Gerhartz originally began as a commercial artist though he had a soft spot and love for American impressionists as well as modern Russian art. Because of this he began to study the works of several famous artists in this genre including John Singer Sargent, Nicolai Fechin, Carl von Marr, to name just a few, and soon after found his own part to play in this arena.

Many artists come to Wisconsin to paint their view as they capture all that nature has to offer with our rolling hills, vast beauty, plethora of critters and colors of the rainbow. At Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast, we have had our share of artists in residence, enjoying our luxury beds, quiet serene environment and plenty of nature to capture right in our back yard or a short drive away. It’s an opportunity you and your canvas will not want to miss. Join us as the flowers begin to bloom and the colors awaken to Spring.

Fun Wisconsin Fact: Wisconsin is known as the Badger State after the habits of early miners in the region who either lived in mine shafts or dug their homes out of the sides of hills just like Badgers do.

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