Experience Fat Tire Bike Riding Near Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast

Hidden Serenity Bed & Breakfast is right next to the Kettle Moraine State Forest. It is a beautiful glaciated
terrain for fat tire bike riding, biking, hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing. In fact, you will find many activities to enjoy nearby.

Experience Fat Tire Bike Riding Near Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast 1
Fat Tire Bike Riding is enjoyable at any time of the year!

Many of our guests choose to stay with us, because they enjoy coming back to a place of luxury.  After a day of activity, Hidden Serenity provides the perfect place to relax. We are hidden in the woods and offer a quiet stay. Many of our guests come here to seek out new adventures and get away from their responsibilities.

Experience Fat Tire Bike Riding Around Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast

One such activity that people enjoy here is fat tire bike riding. This type of biking allows riders to get across difficult trails in the North Kettle Moraine and similar trails. Fat tire bikes are an up and coming activity enjoyed by bike enthusiasts of all ages.

What is a Fat Tire Bike?

A fat tire bike, also known as a fatbike, is designed to go off road. It has oversized tires that are normally 3.8in or bigger. The rims are 2.6in or wider.

This type of bike has a wider tire which makes it much more versatile than road or mountain bikes. With these tires, you can ride on troublesome terrains. Softer, unstable terrains, such as mud, sand, bogs, or snow, are no problem for the fat tire bike.

Other Benefits to Fatbikes

In addition to being able to ride on soft terrains, there are other benefits to this fat tire bike riding. Since the tires do not have to be inflated as much, it provides greater comfort to the rider. That also means that the bike is easier to balance, and makes it easier for inexperienced riders to get around.

Another benefit to flat tire bike riding is that there is that it requires little maintenance. There are few parts that can break or be in need of repair. It is a sturdy design that will take you places other bikes cannot.

Where to Rent Fat Tire Bikes 

While you are staying with us here at Hidden Serenity Bed & Breakfast, you can find local shops to rent fatbikes from.

Zuzu Pedals– located in Port Washington which is about 25 minutes from here.

Pedal Moraine– this shop is located on Main Street in West Bend

Where to Fat Tire Bike in the Northern Kettle Moraine

Many of our guests come to Hidden Serenity Bed & Breakfast to take advantage of the trails in the Kettle Moraine. There are many different trails that you can ride on in the state forest. These trails are ideal for fat tire bike riding. Here are three of the most popular:

*Please note that a state trail pass is required for bikers that are 16 or older

Greenbush — Greenbush is about 2.5 miles north from State Highway 67. This trail has two trail systems that offer a challenge to fat bike riders. There is a total of 9 miles that is made up of 5 intersecting loops. Take note of the bike trails, as they are different than the ones designated for hikers. Also, be aware that this trail can only be used as a bike trail during the warmer months. They close off the trails during the ski season.

Lake to Lake Bike Trail — This is a limestone paved trail that is 6.5 miles in length. It connects the Mauthe and Long Lake rec areas. Also, the trail passes through Dundee, a tiny village that is home to the best ice cream place around. This trail is a great choice for less experienced riders.

New Fane Loop System Trail — The New Fane loop system trail is 1.5 miles east of Kettle Moraine Drive. It has a total of 5.5 miles of bike trails that have 4 loops. This is a moderate trail to ride.

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