Making the Most of a visit to the Kettle Moraine Area

Mauthe Lake, WI October 2010Lovely Wisconsin. Not only the home of the best cheese you will ever sink your teeth into, but home of the glorious Kettle Moraine State Forest, eye candy for the nature enthusiast and fan of earth’s beauty. When staying at Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast, after a peaceful night’s sleep and a belly full of a warm, homemade gourmet breakfast you will want to head to the fabulous Northern Kettle Moraine for a sensational hike, bike ride or just casual walk.  This wonderland also offers fishing, swimming, kayaking, rafting, picnicking areas, and much more.  A way to be able to enjoy the outdoors and something fun for everyone!

No matter what you decide to do, be sure to bring your camera as you will find numerous reasons to snap and share pics with your friends and family at every turn. This is a great place to truly leave your worries and cares at the feet before you enter the moraines. Being in nature has a way of melting all of the stress of life away. A place to get in touch once again with you and the silence and beauty that surrounds us. The air is fresh. The sounds are golden and peaceful.

If this is your first time experiencing kettles, you may be wondering what they are. Well these fascinating works of art are natural kettle shaped depressions in the landscape. They were formed by large blocks of ice that melted during the Ice Age. The moraines are deposits of glacier debris (which is really soil and rock) found where the glaciers were located. Together, the kettles and moraines, as well as other glacial features form incredible natural patterns of highs and lows and really are a spectacular view when experienced.

The Northern Unit, which is closest to our bed and breakfast, boasts 27,500 acres of State Forest several lakes and plenty of hiking to keep you entertained with scenic views leaving you in awe. Some of the most gorgeous lakes are in the Northern Kettle area.  They offer beaches for relaxing in between swimming and fishing.  If you love fishing, you will be in for a treat.  Long Lake and Mauthe Lake have walleyes, northern pikes, large mouth bass and pan fish.  You can obtain a fishing license at any of the nearby sport shops, Ice Age Visitor Center or forest headquarters.

For the most fascinating view, make sure to go to the Parnell Tower, an observation tower located at the head of the Parnell trail, which offers incredible views from the highest point of the forest!  Something you will not want to miss to be able to capture the overwhelming beauty of the highs and lows of the kettles and moraines.  Simply breathtaking!

If you aren’t one that is into physical activity so much, then you should absolutely take the drive that follows the Kettle Moraine.  There is a Kettle Moraine Scenic Drive that will take your breath away and an opportunity to learn so much about the glacial formations.

What a perfect way to spend your time away from the hustle and bustle you experience on a daily basis.  Nature by day, Hidden Serenity by night.  Make sure to book your stay with us soon!  Find out why our motto is “Find adventure, return to comfort, come away refreshed”.

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