THE Best Hiking Trail

Yosemite Valley HikeSo you love to hike. Well then, Wisconsin is just the place for you! We have some incredible hiking trails, short and long, on our property and others just a short drive away in the Kettle Moraine State Forest. If you are a diehard hiking fan we have an incredible 32 mile trail nearby that is spectacular! This particular segment of the Ice Age Trail runs between Kewaskum and Greenbush and is very well marked. This refreshing hiking trail will impress all hiking enthusiasts showcasing lakes, kettles, moraines, eskers, and drumlins carved out by the glaciers of many years ago. The terrain on this hiking trail is absolutely mind-blowing and beautiful. As you are hiking, you will want to take in all it has to offer in this visual masterpiece.

While staying with us at Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast, we offer a three day package which includes pick up service for those who want to go the entire distance over the course of three days, covering approximately 10 miles each day. It is known as “The Quest of the Best”. After your hike, return to Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast where you can enjoy the rest of the day relaxing, playing games and just taking in the peacefulness of your surroundings and enjoying each other.

This makes for a fabulous extended weekend get-a-way with nature as you escape the chaos of everyday life. We are only about two hours north of Chicago, which makes for a perfect weekend trip. We look forward to meeting you very soon!

Fun Wisconsin Fact: Wisconsin ranks number one in number of milk cows and produces over 15% of the entire country’s milk.

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