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There are many rail-trail conversions across Wisconsin, including one of the nation’s first, the Elroy Sparta Trail. Near us, you’ll find the Wild Goose State Trail, a multi-use trail that skirts along the edge of the Horicon Marsh Wildlife Refuge. This trail, among others in the area, offers a fantastic afternoon of adventure followed, of course, by plenty of relaxation at the beautiful Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast in West Bend

Horicon Marsh is an expansive wetland in Wisconsin. It’s one of the country’s largest freshwater marshes, serving as a critical habitat and rest stop for migrating ducks and geese each spring and fall. In addition to being a spectacular place to witness the annual spring and fall bird migrations, Horicon Marsh is also a great place to enjoy quiet walks through nature, boat tours, and quiet paddles. However you choose to explore the area, you’ll be treated to diverse ecosystems and rich biodiversity. 

Of course, visiting places like Horicon Marsh and riding along the Wild Goose State Trail is just one of the many great things you can do near our Inn. From adventures in the northern unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest to exciting adventures in quiet suburban towns like West Bend, Cedarburg, and Port Washington, our guests have access to many of Wisconsin’s top attractions! As a bonus, at the end of the day, our signature and complimentary spa experience is yours for the taking. Our guests get 90 minutes in our spa to use during their visit, and you can always purchase enhancements like massages and facials for the ultimate in relaxation. 

Let us treat you to the ultimate summer getaway this year. Book your room at our top-rated Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast in West Bend today! 

The Wild Goose State Trail near Horicon Marsh in Wisconsin

Bike the Wild Goose State Trail at Horicon Marsh

Biking on the Wild Goose State Trail in Wisconsin is a beautiful way to get out and explore this summer. Stretching for over 34 miles, this trail runs from Fond du Lac to Clyman Junction, passing through the heart of Horicon Marsh along the way. Like most rail-to-trail conversions across the state, the Wild Goose State Trail is relatively flat and is composed of crushed limestone. It’s a multi-use trail that is perfect for biking – and the flat nature of the trail means it’s accessible for riders of all levels. 

As you make your way from one end of the Wild Goose State Trail to the other, you’ll pass a diverse array of landscapes. From dense forests to open wetlands, the Wild Goose State Trail offers a lovely perspective on what makes Wisconsin such a unique place to visit. That’s particularly true when you reach the section that skirts the edge of the Horicon Marsh. There, you’ll enjoy gorgeous wildflowers, tall grasses, and plenty of wildlife, including deer, foxes, birds, and more. This segment is a true nature lover’s paradise! 

Horicon Marsh is home to over 300 bird species and thus has earned a solid reputation as a haven for birdwatchers. You might spot sandhill cranes, great blue herons, and even the elusive whooping crane, not to mention a host of migratory ducks, geese, and other songbirds during peak migration times. Birdwatching and riding your bike along the Wild Goose State Trail aren’t the only things to do at Horicon Marsh. You’ll find a variety of summer activities to engage visitors, including the following: 

  1. Canoeing and kayaking: Paddle through the marsh’s waterways for an up-close look at its flora and fauna.
  2. Hiking: Enjoy numerous trails that wind through different parts of the marsh.
  3. Fishing: Try your luck at one of the many fishing spots within the Horicon Marsh Refuge. 
  4. Educational programs: Participate in guided tours and educational programs at the Horicon Marsh Education and Visitor Center.
  5. Horicon Marsh Boat Tours with Blue Heron Landing. They offer daily sightseeing and adventure tours, which take you to hidden corners of the marsh. 
Fall bird migration at Horicon Marsh Wildlife Refuge

Fall Birdwatching at Horicon Marsh in Wisconsin

Though there are plenty of great ways to explore the Horicon Marsh Refuge in Wisconsin this summer, including biking along the Wild Goose State Trail, there is perhaps no better time to visit this natural wonder than fall – especially at the height of the annual bird migration. The Horicon Marsh is the country’s largest freshwater cattail marsh and one of Wisconsin’s best destinations for birdwatching – which is saying a lot, given that the Mississippi Flyway is Wisconsin’s western border!

Horicon Marsh Wildlife Refuge is only 30 minutes from our Bed and breakfast, making it an easy destination for the day. About two-thirds of the Marsh is dedicated to the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge. In total, this comprises 22,000 acres of pristine and protected marshlands and woodlands. These habitats are vital nesting and migratory grounds for migrating birds and a host of other critters that call this area home year-round.

More than 300 species of birds visit the Horicon Marsh in Wisconsin each year. Several species live at the Marsh year-round, but the number of birds visiting this protected area swells during the fall. During the fall bird migration, you’ll find a broader diversity of birds and wildlife, including marsh-loving birds like ducks, geese, sandhill cranes, pelicans, herons, egrets, cormorants, and more. Migrating songbirds also migrate through the area.

The bird migration typically begins mid-September and runs through October, often coinciding with peak fall foliage season. Whether you’re an avid bird enthusiast or a casual nature lover, it’s easy to see why fall is a popular time to visit us at our Bed and Breakfast in Wisconsin. The area has many fantastic things to do, starting with a trip to the beautiful Horicon Marsh. If you want to witness Mother Nature at her finest this fall, it’s time to book your room at our Wisconsin Inn today!

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