Wisconsin Fishing at its Best Near Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast

bluegillSummer has finally taken hold in Southeastern Wisconsin. One big attraction is the lakes and streams in the area, which happen to be full of fish. With the emphasis on water quality, the lakes in the vicinity of Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast have become the home for many species of fish. As the temperature of those lakes rises above 70 degrees, the increased metabolism of the fish dictates an increase in the amount the fish need to eat.

Hungry fish are essential for a successful fishing trip. With all the advances in fishing equipment, the one factor that the angler cannot control is the mood of the fish, so when you have a time of the year when they are feeding heavily it is time to take advantage of that.

The fishing in the area features many species of fish. Bluegill are the most common panfish and are found in every lake in the area. Bluegills will be close to shore until the end of June when spawning season ends. While near shore they are easily taken with a small hook, small sinker, small bobber and half of a nightcrawler for bait. These fish can be taken most easily from a boat, canoe or Kayak.

As summer moves into July, the larger bluegills will move deeper, typically on the outside edge of weed lines. The same fishing tackle will work, but use a heavier sinker and no bobber. Watch for the rod tip to twitch, which will signal the bite of a bluegill.

Many of the smaller lakes in the area work well for this type of fishing since the smaller lakes have fewer powerboats. These lakes include Green Lake, Erler Lake, Lake 12 and Mauthe Lake. The Kewaskum Mill Pond also has some very nice bluegills present during the month of June and can be fished from shore.

An evening of fishing can be fun and relaxing. Enjoy the great outdoors when you visit Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast. Since we are located in the middle of the woods, you already get that outdoorsy feeling when you pull into our drive. Hidden Serenity is a great getaway located just north of Milwaukee. So if you are looking for lodging while you do some fishing, hiking or other outdoor activity look no further than Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast!

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