Guys on Ice – Not What You Would Expect!

It seems like there are two kinds of people living the West Bend area when it comes to ice-fishing. Those wh1952 Vintage Ice Fishing  MI Out of Doorso like to get out on the ice to ice-fish, and those who like to laugh at those who are foolish enough to endure the cold for the chance at a few fish when the stores are full of fish products.

While Hidden Serenity is in an excellent location for either type of person and lots of laughing and loving, the Kettle Moraine Players will be specializing in the latter with the humorous production of Men on Ice.

While the name may make the event sound like a figure skating competition or a hockey game, Men on Ice is actually an ice-fishing musical. The Lang Auditorium which is locally known as the Campbellsport High School Theater will host this production on February 6th, 7th and 8th for a weekend of fun shows.

Following the Sunday show, the Kettle Moraine Player will move the production to the City of Hartford for the February 13th and 14th weekend. The Schauer Arts and Entertainment Center near downtown Hartford is a beautiful venue to enjoy a musical and also features the famous Mineshaft Restaurant as a place to visit before the show for dinner or after the show for an evening drink.

At either venue the show is sure to bring laughs to the audiences that are fortunate enough to watch the show. The only question is will you laugh until your stomach aches or will you laugh until you cry? Either way it will be a fun night and you can see the show on either weekend.

The Kettle Moraine Players maintain a website at:

And, if you were hoping this would be about really getting out to go ice fishing, we can arrange the opportunity for that as well!


At Hidden Serenity you will find extremely comfortable beds and luxury showers, as well as a hot gourmet breakfast that varies every morning. Make this a romantic getaway with your significant other by adding a night at the theater. A good laugh is good for the soul!

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