Old Fashion Fun with an Old Fashion Picnic

Al Castello di Masino (Torino) col FAIJust in time for spring, local B&B Hidden Serenity is offering an old fashion picnic excursion. What could be more romantic than a classic picnic in a secluded and beautiful spot in the West Bend area? With so many gorgeous lakes and parks in the area, the land is practically begging for picnics. Best of all, Hidden Serenity will set you up for a perfect picnic by preparing everything, including a classic basket, blanket, delicious food, and even some retro toys to create an incredibly fun afternoon. After receiving directions, you’ll take an easy walk out to a secret picnic location. Then you’ll set the scene by laying out a large checkered blanket, and you’ll have the whole day to enjoy the contents of your basket and, even better, relaxed time alone with someone special.

Hidden Serenity’s picnic isn’t just any picnic; it’s a total old fashion picnic, complete with a basket-full of retro items to fully create a perfect retro scene. You’ll honestly feel as if you’re in a romantic movie scene. Hidden Serenity will provide you with colorful retro candy, a kite, a Frisbee, and other surprise old fashion items. You’ll smile as you pull each item out of your picnic basket and then have a blast reliving the days of a bygone era. The old fashion picnic transports you for an afternoon to a simpler time, when all you have to do is enjoy the sunshine and the company of someone you care about.

Your picnic basket will be filled with delicious goodies, courtesy of the great cooks at Hidden Serenity. Every picnic basket is different, but you might enjoy some homemade baked goods, fine cheeses, fruit, or other yummy surprises. Hidden Serenity is happy to accommodate any food allergies or diet restrictions, so don’t worry about having a picnic basket that suits what you like to eat. You’ll also find a bottle of non-alcoholic bubbly to celebrate your day in style. Of course, your picnic basket will contain everything you need in terms of plates, glasses, silverware, and napkins. You can spread your bounty out on a big checkered blanket and recline comfortably while you eat and drink. By the end of your picnic, you’ll be convinced there’s no better way to eat a meal than relaxing on a picnic blanket in gentle sunlight, enjoying delicious homemade goods and retro candy.

What really sets PicnicHidden Serenity’s picnics apart is their secret picnic hideaways. Hidden Serenity hosts have combed through the local area to find the most perfect picnic spots. The staff members at Hidden Serenity are huge wildlife experts, and in their time exploring they’ve managed to find the most beautiful picnic spots complete with comfortable places to sit and room to frolic with your kites and other nostalgic items. You might be in a flower-filled meadow, on a grassy knoll overlooking a lake, or on the bank of a stream. We guarantee you’ll be surprised by how beautiful our secret spots are, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a picnic spot as perfect as the ones we’ve sought out. After your picnic, you’ll be sworn to secrecy about the location of Hidden Serenity’s secret spots, adding to the fun of being somewhere truly special.

If you’re interested in Hidden Serenity’s old fashion picnic excursion, you can send them an email at info@hiddenserenity.com.

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