Red Chair Travels to Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast

Venturing into the woods, The Red Chair arrived at Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast on a gorgeous May day. Hidden Serenity is tucked in a forest north of West Bend, Wisconsin. We offer a hiking trail on our property, a pickleball/sport court and excellent wildlife viewing outside. Indoors our guests enjoy billiards, spacious common areas, well-appointed rooms and a hot gourmet breakfast. Red will get treated very special here, just like our guests. Get ready, Red. You are about to get a tour of the beautiful Northern Unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest, make a stop at the “big pond” – Lake Michigan, and take in some of the finest Wisconsin art.

A tour around the property was the first item on the agenda for Red at Hidden Serenity. Red relaxed in the garden with a few friends before taking to the court to try pickleball a fun paddle sport that combines many elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. Not an easy sport for when you don’t have arms! Next Red ventured down the path through the woods and came upon Hidden Serenity’s wooden swings. Red and innkeeper Sally enjoy a few swings together on this gorgeous sunny day in Wisconsin.

Red had a special invitation to visit the Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary right across the street from its host, Hidden Serenity. With a chance to see huge elk, a cougar, wolves, many deer, bison and so many more animals, Red had decided to get up close and personal with the resident bears, Lewis and Clark. The Bears seemed curious, Red stayed on the other side of the fence to be safe. These were big bears! Red commented how nice it is to have this world-class zoo just across the street!

Hidden Serenity is located near the Northern Kettle Moraine State Forest in Wisconsin and Red was anxious to discover what that really means. A trip to pristine Mauthe Lake was a great introduction. Dipping his feet in the water and sitting at the end of the pier while kids were fishing and others were kayaking on the lake, Red could see why people love the peaceful waters and surrounding woods. But it was the trip up Parnell Tower in the heart of the forest that really helped Red understand what this area is all about. From high above the trees, Red could see the way that the glacier had made its mark on the land. Hills called Kames, Moraines, Eskers and the stunning Kettles dot the landscape and Red was in awe. The National Scenic Ice Age Trail winds its way through the forest and Red has to admit, it is a great workout!

After finishing up in the woods, Red heads over to Lake Michigan, specifically Port Washington. Red finds this darling marina town very welcoming as he meets two pirates near the lake. Red finds a spot to gaze out on the water and enjoy the breeze. Sailboats float by way out on the lake and closer by the seagulls wait for the fishermen to clean their catch. Red has discovered that many charters go out from here and many more fishermen fish right off the docks.

On the way back to Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast, Red makes a very worthwhile stop in West Bend at the Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA). Red felt right at home with some the dazzling art such as the Glass globe sculpture in this uniquely shaped building. Among the other fine works displayed here, Red found himself mesmerized by the works of Carl von Marr, a Wisconsin-born artist who studied in Germany in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Red sat and took in The Flagellants, by von Marr. A huge oil painting spanning 13’11” x 22’9”, Red gazed at the lifelike scenes that told a story of long ago. So real and so intriguing.

Time to head back to Hidden Serenity tucked in the woods. Red has found the stay here very peaceful, yet when he wanted to find some adventure there were some exciting things nearby. Goodbye hills and kettles of the Kettle Moraine and on to the next adventure.



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