Strawberry Picking Surrounds Hidden Serenity B&B

Bucket o´ strawberriesWhile the song speaks of strawberry fields forever, the reality is that strawberries are only in the fields at the peak of ripeness for a few weeks. If you have never had a strawberry right out of the field, you will be amazed at the perfection of flavor, texture and juiciness that can only be experienced with a trip to a strawberry field. Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast is the ideal location to go out and indulge yourself in strawberry bliss. A number of farms offer the option to pick your own strawberries, or purchase berries that may have been picked as recently as that morning. Some of the best are:

The Fideler Farm is the closest to our bed and breakfast, only 5 miles away, just off Hwy H. I pick berries here every summer and make jam. Delicious!! Picking your own berries is both fun and most definitely rewarding., but you can stop in and buy some they just picked for you. At Fideler’s they have strawberries, raspberries and peas ready for picking at various times of the summer. Aslo available are fresh pies, jams and jellies and more. Check their website for picking info: or call the picking hotline 262-338-0494

Another place not far from Hidden Serenity is Tami’s Berry Patch, located to the northwest of Hidden Serenity in the Fond du Lac county farm country. Open daily from 7:00AM-5:00PM with occasional twilight picking opportunities Tami’s offers the traditional berry farm experience. In addition to the strawberries in June and early July, other berry options are available later in summer. Call 920-533-8820 for up-to-date harvest information.

To the East of Hidden Serenity is Barthel’s Fruit Farm. This gem is gaining fame in Ozaukee County with people from the north shore suburbs of Milwaukee. The sprawling nature of this farm has something for everyone and has many varieties of fruits available into the fall. Barthel’s has the very strong suggestion to “ALWAYS CALL FOR A PICKING UPDATE BEFORE DRIVING OUT. 242-2737 or 242-2774 (PYO hotline).” This is probably good advice regardless of the berry farm you visit!

South of Hidden Serenity, Basse’s Taste of Country, 3190 County Road Q, Colgate, also offers the whole package of the berry picking experience. Basse’s is also a large operation where they really have customer service down to a science. Phone: (262) 628-2626.

When going berry picking it is always a good idea to remember sunscreen, a hat and something to kneel on. These items will make the experience a great one. Of course the reward of eating strawberries fresh from the plant is by far the best part of the visit to an area berry farm! While staying at Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast you may have the opportunity to sample the fruit of my harvest this summer. Imagine fresh strawberries served with just a drizzle of Hidden Serenity Pure Maple Syrup on top of a stack of gourmet pancakes………….

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