Month: June 2014

Bass fishing at Area Lakes

As much fun as it is to catch bluegills from a canoe, kayak or shore, sometimes a larger fish makes for a great trip. For that kind of fishing adventure, it is good to know that there are excellent Largemouth Bass lakes a short drive from Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast.

Several Lakes in the area have such good populations of Largemouth bass that fishing tournaments take place on a regular basis. Big Cedar, Little Cedar, Pike, Elkhart, Kettle Moraine and Long Lakes are home to the Kettle Moraine Monday Bass tournaments on a rotating basis all summer. While the tournaments are great events, their presence on these lakes indicates strong populations of bass are present. The catch and release ethic of tournament anglers keeps the population of the bass strong.

Largemouth Bass are the primary attraction, although Elkhart Lake has a strong population of Smallmouth bass as well. Most of the lakes require a boat to fish them successfully, but Little Cedar Lake and Pike Lake do have boat rentals for those who do not own a boat.

Typical bass presentations, including wacky rigged SENKO plastic worms work well. Fishing around piers and along deep weed lines will usually produce at least some bass. Sometimes it does take a whole nightcrawler on a small hook/sinker set-up to get the bass when the fish are really picky. Early mornings and late evenings feature the peak fish feeding activity, but some fish can be caught all day as well. They just move deeper into the weeds when the sun is bright.

It is also possible to find a fishing guide in the area, but services are limited. Sally and Chris can help you with information on guides or you can stop in at Smalltown Bait and Tackle in nearby Barton and they will know of area guides as well.

It is always special when a bass grabs the bait, and heads for the surface, jumping clear out of the water. Enjoy that soon on your trip to Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast.

Wisconsin Fishing at its Best Near Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast

bluegillSummer has finally taken hold in Southeastern Wisconsin. One big attraction is the lakes and streams in the area, which happen to be full of fish. With the emphasis on water quality, the lakes in the vicinity of Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast have become the home for many species of fish. As the temperature of those lakes rises above 70 degrees, the increased metabolism of the fish dictates an increase in the amount the fish need to eat.

Hungry fish are essential for a successful fishing trip. With all the advances in fishing equipment, the one factor that the angler cannot control is the mood of the fish, so when you have a time of the year when they are feeding heavily it is time to take advantage of that.

The fishing in the area features many species of fish. Bluegill are the most common panfish and are found in every lake in the area. Bluegills will be close to shore until the end of June when spawning season ends. While near shore they are easily taken with a small hook, small sinker, small bobber and half of a nightcrawler for bait. These fish can be taken most easily from a boat, canoe or Kayak.

As summer moves into July, the larger bluegills will move deeper, typically on the outside edge of weed lines. The same fishing tackle will work, but use a heavier sinker and no bobber. Watch for the rod tip to twitch, which will signal the bite of a bluegill.

Many of the smaller lakes in the area work well for this type of fishing since the smaller lakes have fewer powerboats. These lakes include Green Lake, Erler Lake, Lake 12 and Mauthe Lake. The Kewaskum Mill Pond also has some very nice bluegills present during the month of June and can be fished from shore.

An evening of fishing can be fun and relaxing. Enjoy the great outdoors when you visit Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast. Since we are located in the middle of the woods, you already get that outdoorsy feeling when you pull into our drive. Hidden Serenity is a great getaway located just north of Milwaukee. So if you are looking for lodging while you do some fishing, hiking or other outdoor activity look no further than Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast!

Church Staff Planning Sessions at Hidden Serenity B&B

Looking for an ideal place to take your church staff to do some strategic planning? Take a peek at Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast. This gem of an inn can accommodate up to ten people, depending on the make-up of your group. We have four rooms all with private baths and other great amenities. This is really an ideal place for church staff planning sessions and retreats.


The common area of Hidden Serenity is mainly a large great room with plenty of seating area and space to hold some great brainstorming sessions. Or, depending on the weather, hold your meetings out on the deck where the birds are chirping and the rustle of the leaves are a great background to promote the group’s creative thought process. What better place to get close to God, our Creator, than in the midst of the woods and nature.


In between the planned meeting times enjoy the private wooded trails, a game of billiards, a book or magazine, or maybe a house game. Don’t forget to take time to relax and just be with God. You’ll find a private area inside or outside where you can do just that.


Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast is quickly becoming the go-to place for individuals and groups alike who are seeking rest and relaxation mixed in with some adventure and rejuvenating of the mind, body and soul. Whether you want to gather your group for meetings or quiet times, Hidden Serenity is a wonderful place to do it. Call to find out about our midweek group specials 262-623-0148.

Day trip to Cedarburg to Visit the Cedar Creek Winery

Cedar Creek Winery - Version 2While the Cedarburg Strawberry Festival is one famous weekend in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, the village has so much to offer at any given time. One interesting place to visit is the Cedar Creek Winery, which can provide you a great experience along with the chance to purchase a reminder of your visit — wine.

Located in the Cedar Creek Settlement section of town, the Cedar Creek Winery is housed in a stone building that was built in 1864. This building is living history on the bank of Cedar Creek. Originally a woolen mill it was sold and remodeled into the winery in 1973 . Just one look at the building and the location will tell you that this is a special place.

One of the best ways to enjoy the Cedar Creek Winery is to take a guided tour. The 45 minute tour is available for the very modest price of $5.00 per adult (kids under 12 are free with an adult). The tour will take you through the wine making centers and the limestone storage areas which are underground. You will see with your own eyes how perfect the design of this building is for the making and aging of wine. While you may not want the tour to end but when it does, you will be treated to a formal wine tasting event in the tasting room. Overlooking the Cedar Creek waterfall, it is the perfect atmosphere to experience wine tasting. You will surely find something you like and bottles are available for purchase on site.

The Cedar Creek Winery is a historic gem less than 30 minutes from Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast. The historic town of Cedarburg makes for an excellent day trip from our bed and breakfast. For additional information on the winery please visit

Cedarburg Strawberry Festival a Short Drive From Hidden Serenity

Coupe de Fraise, Boulangerie Patisserie VIRON, ShibuyaAs the memories of our long winter fade into the pleasant reality that summer can happen, and is happening now, many look forward to a wonderful tradition of enjoying strawberries. Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast not only offers the best bed and breakfast experience, but is also located near THE major strawberry festival in Southeastern Wisconsin, The Cedarburg Strawberry Festival.

The Strawberry Festival in Cedarburg takes place near the end of June every year and in 2014 the weekend of June 28 and 29 will feature the tradition that drew 100,000 people to Cedarburg last year. Locally grown strawberries, fresh from the Schmit’s berry farm, are the stars of the festival that takes over the downtown area of Cedarburg. Every imaginable strawberry delicacy is available during this festival. If you can imagine it, someone has probably found a way to make it if you look hard enough in Cedarburg. However, if you do have something original to make with strawberries, they are available, conveniently sold by the quart.

If strawberries alone aren’t worth the trip, Kemp’s ice cream, located in Cedarburg will celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary in business by making a Guinness Book of World Records size scoop of ice cream! Weighing in at 2000 pounds, the entire scoop must be consumed to qualify for the record! Do you want to help with the cause? That can be arranged! Oh, and the flavor of ice cream, strawberry of course! This takes place on Saturday, June 28, during the famous Cedarburg Strawberry Festival!

If you visit the Cedarburg Strawberry Festival every year, or want to start a new tradition, this is the year to make sure you are there. Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast will send you on your way with a delicious breakfast before your short drive into Cedarburg. Come back to the B&B to hike the private wooded trail and relax in the large common areas.

The Cedarburg Strawberry Festival is one of Southeastern Wisconsin’s finest celebrations of summer! For additional information on this fun event please visit

Lake Michigan Charter Fishing

Charter FishingWith the cool spring weather, Lake Michigan will have cooler water near shore for much of the summer. This means tasty Coho Salmon and trophy Rainbow Trout, Chinook Salmon and Lake Trout will be closer to shore than last summer when charters had to travel 10 miles out onto Lake Michigan to find schools of fish. Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast is located a short drive from Port Washington, Wisconsin and charter fishing. Among the best of the charters is the Fox Brother’s Charter Service.

Known locally in Port Washington as the Foxy Lady boats this charter business features 4 large fishing boats (up to 42 feet long) that include many of the comforts of home. Captain Dan Fox has 43 years of fishing experience on Lake Michigan and hand picks the captains for the boats he does not personally take out.

Fishing has already started at Port Washington with Coho Salmon being the featured species. Coho Salmon swim in large schools, and when a school is located limits can be filled quickly. Running from 2-10 pounds, Coho are probably the best eating fish available from the Great Lakes Sport Fishery. During summer Lake Trout are a big part of any fishing trip, but Chinook Salmon, Rainbow (Steelhead) Trout and the aforementioned Coho are also routinely targeted and caught.

Because of improved numbers of forage species, all trout and salmon have been running large, with thick slabs of meaty fillets for those who love eating salmon. Recent studies have shown that the Amino Acid DHA, which is found in trout and salmon, is one of the most essential things to eat to maintain good health. On one good charter trip you can often catch enough salmon to last for months in the freezer, to be enjoyed later.

Lake Michigan Salmon and Trout fishing is as good as it has ever been, with quality fish and a great experience available in Port Washington, only 17 miles from Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast. For more information about Fox Brother Charter Service visit:

Strawberry Picking Surrounds Hidden Serenity B&B

Bucket o´ strawberriesWhile the song speaks of strawberry fields forever, the reality is that strawberries are only in the fields at the peak of ripeness for a few weeks. If you have never had a strawberry right out of the field, you will be amazed at the perfection of flavor, texture and juiciness that can only be experienced with a trip to a strawberry field. Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast is the ideal location to go out and indulge yourself in strawberry bliss. A number of farms offer the option to pick your own strawberries, or purchase berries that may have been picked as recently as that morning. Some of the best are:

The Fideler Farm is the closest to our bed and breakfast, only 5 miles away, just off Hwy H. I pick berries here every summer and make jam. Delicious!! Picking your own berries is both fun and most definitely rewarding., but you can stop in and buy some they just picked for you. At Fideler’s they have strawberries, raspberries and peas ready for picking at various times of the summer. Aslo available are fresh pies, jams and jellies and more. Check their website for picking info: or call the picking hotline 262-338-0494

Another place not far from Hidden Serenity is Tami’s Berry Patch, located to the northwest of Hidden Serenity in the Fond du Lac county farm country. Open daily from 7:00AM-5:00PM with occasional twilight picking opportunities Tami’s offers the traditional berry farm experience. In addition to the strawberries in June and early July, other berry options are available later in summer. Call 920-533-8820 for up-to-date harvest information.

To the East of Hidden Serenity is Barthel’s Fruit Farm. This gem is gaining fame in Ozaukee County with people from the north shore suburbs of Milwaukee. The sprawling nature of this farm has something for everyone and has many varieties of fruits available into the fall. Barthel’s has the very strong suggestion to “ALWAYS CALL FOR A PICKING UPDATE BEFORE DRIVING OUT. 242-2737 or 242-2774 (PYO hotline).” This is probably good advice regardless of the berry farm you visit!

South of Hidden Serenity, Basse’s Taste of Country, 3190 County Road Q, Colgate, also offers the whole package of the berry picking experience. Basse’s is also a large operation where they really have customer service down to a science. Phone: (262) 628-2626.

When going berry picking it is always a good idea to remember sunscreen, a hat and something to kneel on. These items will make the experience a great one. Of course the reward of eating strawberries fresh from the plant is by far the best part of the visit to an area berry farm! While staying at Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast you may have the opportunity to sample the fruit of my harvest this summer. Imagine fresh strawberries served with just a drizzle of Hidden Serenity Pure Maple Syrup on top of a stack of gourmet pancakes………….