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4 Delicious Breakfast Salads You May Never Have Thought of


Wait a second – Salads, for breakfast? Believe me, I was not sure I wanted to do that to my guests. They are here to enjoy themselves, and that includes eating. This is the break they all get from eating green healthy stuff. But just keep reading and then after that book a room and try it. Really, I’m not a health food nut trying to convert you during a 24 hour stay. It is the rare guest who leaves anything, much less the salad on the plate at the end of breakfast. Read on, please…..

Breakfast at Hidden Serenity is something our guests alway look forward to, often comment on and frequently take pictures of. I have decided to post this blog because these are 4 delicious breakfast salads that I get the most feedback about.

Often I hear this – “I was unsure when I saw broccoli for breakfast, but this is really good. It surprises me.” Yes, broccoli can be a breakfast food, and when prepared with some sweet fruits in a salad it even surprises those guests that usually don’t eat it. Veggies like broccoli and peapods add some crunch to what could otherwise be a mushy fruit dish. And hey, we know it’s good for us too. Eating broccoli for breakfast can give you a great start to a fun day. Many of our guests are going to be out all day hiking, shopping, biking, sightseeing, skiing, snowshoeing or whatever they find to do in the area and they can use a decent breakfast to get them going. I know, you didn’t want to hear the “good for you” line, but we ARE talking about broccoli…..

Seriously, try one or all of these 4 delicious breakfast salads…..

  1. Broccoli Strawberry Salad – Broccoli flowerettes, sliced strawberries, cubed cheese. Mix with a small amount of mayo/vinegar/sugar dressing and top with sliced almonds.
  2. Broccoli Pear Salad – Broccoli flowerettes, chopped pears, sliced fresh cranberries(if in season), chopped walnuts. Mix with the same mayo dressing.
  3. Peapod Fruit Salad – Peapods cut bite sized, sliced strawberries, sliced banana, mandarin segments, fresh sliced cranberries (if in season). Mix in a small amount of maple vinaigrette and poppy seeds.
  4. Spinach Salad – Fresh spinach leaves, maple vinaigrette lightly sprinkled on top and any combo of these toppings –
    • Fresh of dried cranberries
    • pumpkin seeds, honey roasted peanuts or other seed/nut of choice
    • Sliced mandarin segments
    • Sliced pear or apple
    • Cinnamon toast croutons or crumbs (a must, on top of this salad!)

If you have any doubts about eating these salads, book a room and come to breakfast with an open mind. And if you really don’t like it, I’m not offended. After all, it is your vacation and you can enjoy it any way you please.


May We Suggest the Poplar Inn?

foods2We love to provide our guests with the best possible stay here at Hidden Serenity Bed & Breakfast. It is a privilege for us to team up with the owners from Poplar Inn in West Bend, WI. Mike and Dee are wonderful hosts for this remarkable restaurant.

Poplar Inn has quite a history! The building was built in 1858 and was owned by a Union Civil War Captain. Over the years, it has served many different purposes. In the 80’s, it was retrofitted to serve as a restaraunt. And remains a successful eating establishment to this day.

In the restaurant there are plenty of places to dine. You can choose between the:

  • Upper level
  • Lower level
  • Bar
  • Patio

Each area of the restaurant is exquisite and pleasing to the eye. The lighting casts a romantic glow and makes for a wonderful dining experience. They switch out their wall decorations depending on the season and provide eloquent table linens. It is an establishment where you can dress up for a special night out or go business casual if you’d like.

What is on the Menu?

Their chefs prepare and serve an assortment of delicious meals. They offer several dishes prepared with surf and turf items. Also, they have wonderful salad and other sides. Whether you like steak or seafood, you are sure to find something that is appealing to your taste. With their professional chef, you can feel confident your meal will be incredible. For those that love a good tasting wine, they have just the menu for you. Their wine and beer list is ever changing as they incorporate guest’s favorites into the rotation. The wait staff is great at suggesting just the right pairing with your meal.

We have a great announcement to make! We have been talking with Mike and Dee, the owners, about going in together to create packages for our guests. The full details of the packages are not completed yet, but we plan to offer a $50 voucher to the Poplar Inn. We think that this partnership is perfect for us, because Mike and Dee run a luxury restaurant and are attentive to their guests, just as we are at Hidden Serenity. Hospitality is of utmost importance.

Not only can you make reservations to stay here at Hidden Serenity, but you can also make reservations at Poplar Inn for your dinner. If you are planning a special getaway weekend, this is perfect. When you place the reservations with us, you can do the same with them and make sure that your night goes smoothly. What a wonderful weekend you can create when you stay in one of our luxury suites and then dine at Poplar Inn.

Don’t forget that we serve a gourmet breakfast each morning. You will walk away feeling completely spoiled and relaxed! Be sure to get in touch with us to find out about our room availability. It is never too early to plan your trip.

Skiing Little Switzerland While Staying at Hidden Serenity

Snowboarding and skiing funNot everyone comes to West Bend, WI to visit the North Kettle Moraine. Many love to go to Little Switzerland to go skiing, snowboarding and more. It is located about 15 miles from Hidden Serenity Bed & Breakfast. This area is full of fun outdoorsy things to do.

What Are the Attractions in Little Switzerland?

There are great things to check out in Little Switzerland. Some of the top attractions include:

  • Switz Bike Park- when there isn’t any snow on the hill, you can take advantage of the amazing bike park that they have. There is a lift that takes you up the hill to get to it.
  • Skiing and Snowboarding- Little Switzerland is a great place to go skiing and snowboarding. They make sure that the slopes are full of snow. The trails offer a place for both beginners and advanced skiers to enjoy.
  • Freestyle Terrain- this is an area of the park that allows people to practice their tricks. Take advantage of the approach zone, take-off zone, maneuver zone, and landing zone to practice and perfect your latest moves.
  • Snow School- you can take ski and snowboard lessons while you visit. You pay by the hour of instruction, so take as many hours at a time as you would like.

This location is great for those that enjoy being in the great outdoors. People come from all over to take advantage of what this ski park has to offer.

Return To The Comfort of Hidden Serenity Bed & Breakfast

Hidden Serenity Bed & Breakfast is a premier place to retreat to after a long day on the slopes and trails. We have created a welcoming place where you can warm yourself up.

Whether you are used to skiing a lot or not, you will want somewhere that you can rest your tired muscles. Our comfortable beds and spacious facility makes for a comfortable place to unwind.

We also offer different massage packages at our spa for your convenience. You can book your massage with us when you pay for your room. It is completely worth it to relax on the tables and let our masseuse help work out the tension you’ve built in your body from a day of activity.

Don’t Forget About The Amazing Gourmet Breakfast We Serve

Sure, you can book a hotel here in West Bend, WI, but you won’t have as luxurious of an experience. We have comfortable rooms and the best gourmet breakfast around. Our fabulous breakfast is put together with you in mind. You will feel absolutely spoiled after your stay with us.

If you are looking at skiing or mountain biking in Little Switzerland, be sure to check out our room availability. We would love to host you for your vacation! We look forward to welcoming you to the best Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast.