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Strawberry fest has come and gone, Summerfest is right around the corner

Over the weekend I was able to visit Strawberry fest in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.  The experience was great and it seemed like everyone there was enjoying themselves. Who wouldn’t when they’re around fresh food, great music, and freshly picked strawberries?  Most people tend to visit with family and friends and pack the car full to come to famous Washington Street in Cedarburg, WI. Over the two day event more than 100,000 people stop in the quaint historic town.

Although Strawberry fest has come and gone, Summerfest is right around the corner. Summerfest starts on June 27th and ends July 8th with a break on July 2nd.  Almost one million people visit summerfest per year for the amazing music and if you were looking for something larger than Strawberry fest, here it is.

Strawberry fest was, in my opinion, a smaller scale Summerfest. For people looking for that smaller town, more local feeling this would be it. There were many local artists that proudly shared their work. There were many different sculptures, paintings, and drawings, as well as craftsman  in woodworking, glass and fiber art.  Throughout the length of the festival there were many options for food along the way, but some unique, catch-the-eye options were worth noting. The strawberry brat, strawberry chicken wrap, and strawberry brat corndog were among those.  Although less unique, the strawberry lemonade was extremely good and I had to indulge in a chocolate covered strawberry. Needless to say the food offered was wonderful!  In addition to the amazing food, there were a plethora of local musicians playing throughout the weekend that provided some music with good vibes which really put the “strawberry” on top for this experience.

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay during this festival season that is out of the hustle and bustle, yet still within reasonable traveling distance, Hidden Serenity will give you everything you’re looking for.  Our five luxury rooms offer amenities such as small in-room refrigerator, robes, snacks, beverages, fireplaces, private baths with tubs and showers and excellent luxury sheets.   Start the day with a freshly ground, french-pressed coffee or Sally’s famous fresh herbal tea, as well as a gourmet breakfast before heading out to your destination.  There is no lack of things to do unless that’s what you’d like.   If you are ready to book with us, we would love to have you! It is our passion to provide our guests with a relaxing experience so that they can leave feeling totally refreshed. Plan your getaway here and indulge.


Red Chair Travels to Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast

Venturing into the woods, The Red Chair arrived at Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast on a gorgeous May day. Hidden Serenity is tucked in a forest north of West Bend, Wisconsin. We offer a hiking trail on our property, a pickleball/sport court and excellent wildlife viewing outside. Indoors our guests enjoy billiards, spacious common areas, well-appointed rooms and a hot gourmet breakfast. Red will get treated very special here, just like our guests. Get ready, Red. You are about to get a tour of the beautiful Northern Unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest, make a stop at the “big pond” – Lake Michigan, and take in some of the finest Wisconsin art.

A tour around the property was the first item on the agenda for Red at Hidden Serenity. Red relaxed in the garden with a few friends before taking to the court to try pickleball a fun paddle sport that combines many elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. Not an easy sport for when you don’t have arms! Next Red ventured down the path through the woods and came upon Hidden Serenity’s wooden swings. Red and innkeeper Sally enjoy a few swings together on this gorgeous sunny day in Wisconsin.

Red had a special invitation to visit the Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary right across the street from its host, Hidden Serenity. With a chance to see huge elk, a cougar, wolves, many deer, bison and so many more animals, Red had decided to get up close and personal with the resident bears, Lewis and Clark. The Bears seemed curious, Red stayed on the other side of the fence to be safe. These were big bears! Red commented how nice it is to have this world-class zoo just across the street!

Hidden Serenity is located near the Northern Kettle Moraine State Forest in Wisconsin and Red was anxious to discover what that really means. A trip to pristine Mauthe Lake was a great introduction. Dipping his feet in the water and sitting at the end of the pier while kids were fishing and others were kayaking on the lake, Red could see why people love the peaceful waters and surrounding woods. But it was the trip up Parnell Tower in the heart of the forest that really helped Red understand what this area is all about. From high above the trees, Red could see the way that the glacier had made its mark on the land. Hills called Kames, Moraines, Eskers and the stunning Kettles dot the landscape and Red was in awe. The National Scenic Ice Age Trail winds its way through the forest and Red has to admit, it is a great workout!

After finishing up in the woods, Red heads over to Lake Michigan, specifically Port Washington. Red finds this darling marina town very welcoming as he meets two pirates near the lake. Red finds a spot to gaze out on the water and enjoy the breeze. Sailboats float by way out on the lake and closer by the seagulls wait for the fishermen to clean their catch. Red has discovered that many charters go out from here and many more fishermen fish right off the docks.

On the way back to Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast, Red makes a very worthwhile stop in West Bend at the Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA). Red felt right at home with some the dazzling art such as the Glass globe sculpture in this uniquely shaped building. Among the other fine works displayed here, Red found himself mesmerized by the works of Carl von Marr, a Wisconsin-born artist who studied in Germany in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Red sat and took in The Flagellants, by von Marr. A huge oil painting spanning 13’11” x 22’9”, Red gazed at the lifelike scenes that told a story of long ago. So real and so intriguing.

Time to head back to Hidden Serenity tucked in the woods. Red has found the stay here very peaceful, yet when he wanted to find some adventure there were some exciting things nearby. Goodbye hills and kettles of the Kettle Moraine and on to the next adventure.



The Red Chair Travels from Coast to Coast

Where travelers once held photos of Flat Stanley in unusual places, photographers now shoot photos of a humble red chair. Long considered simply a place to rest after a long day, the lowly wooden chair has been elevated to celebrity status, and is being welcomed at inns and B&Bs throughout America.It’s all part of a multi-year B&B awareness program that focuses on a traveling red porch chair to highlight the comfort, hospitality and friendliness of bed and breakfasts. Since its start in New England in 2012, B&Bs and inns have taken inspiring photos of the Red Chair from beaches to bandstands.

Thanks to a partnership with, the Red Chair is making its way across the United States, bringing attention to B&Bs and beautiful travel destinations. It traveled along the East Coast and Southern states in 2014, spent 2015 touring the West Coast, in 2016 Red went international by venturing through Canada all the way to Alaska, and 2017 will be the year of the Midwest. Participating B&Bs and inns listed on host the Red Chair, chronicling its stay with blog posts and photos on

This week thanks to the partnership with WBBA (Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast Association – the chair is making its way to The Northern Kettle Moraine and Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast.

It all started in winter 2012 with a single image. Woods Hole Inn innkeeper Beth Colt posted a picture on Facebook of her simple red chair perched on the ice behind her house and watched her page light up with “likes.” The picture was shared on the Facebook page of a nature photographer from California, who was inspired by the image to visit the Woods Hole Inn and took an amazing second photo of the chair on a local beach.

Throughout 2012 and early 2013, the Red Chair developed a personality of its own being photographed by innkeepers in communities from one end of New England to the other. Starting in Cape Cod, the Red Chair journeyed throughout the six New England states on a 9-month tour. “This chair is the little engine that could,” said Colt. “I could never have imagined that it would travel so far, to every corner of America, all on the kindness and hospitality of innkeepers. It’s a barn-raising of sorts; the sharing of a piece of Americana.” Stories from the Red Chair’s travels have been chronicled on blogs at each stop throughout its journey.

Check back on my blog site to find out where the Red Chair has been photographed near Hidden Serenity. Will the Red Chair find adventures and locations that you haven’t experienced yet? Maybe it will inspire you to take a journey yourself to Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast and see what and where the Red Chair has gone.

B&B Offers Comfort, Warmth After Outdoors Adventures

Mug Again [42/365]Getting outdoors during the winter months in the Northern Kettle Moraine provides you with great activities! Many people come here to go cross-country skiing, hiking and snowshoeing on the beautiful terrain.

Here at Hidden Serenity Bed & Breakfast, we invite people to pursue outdoors adventure during the day and then retreat to the comforts of our rooms at night. After a fun filled day in a winter wonderland, why not book a place of luxury to help yourself unwind and relax? Check availability here,

Find Adventure in Northern Kettle Moraine

It isn’t hard to find outdoors adventure in the Kettle Moraine State. Whether you are a snowshoeing enthusiast or a beginner, you are going to find a challenge that is right for you. People enjoy cross-country skiing in this area as well. There are a number trails to pick from that will provide a different experience. Doing things with your friends and family helps you to bond and go deeper in relationship. Making plans to explore the countryside together will get your heart pumping and help you feel more alive.

Return to Comfort at Hidden Serenity

After spending your day exerting yourself outdoors, you are going to need a comfortable place to unwind. Here at Hidden Serenity, we aim to create a stress free environment that allows everyone in your group to connect.

There are several reasons why you are sure to feel at home and relaxed here.

It’s Naturally Quiet Here

We are a Bed & Breakfast that is nestled in the woods. It is just naturally quiet here and makes for a great escape from your normal life. The house itself is ¼ mile back in the woods and surrounded by those quite magnificent trees.

We Offer Messages in Our Spa

When you book a room with us, you have the option to schedule messages in our spa room. We offer Swedish, therapeutic, head, hand, and foot massages as well as an hour long couple’s massage. Be sure to make your massage reservations when you book your room.

Gourmet Breakfast

Every morning that you stay with us, you won’t want to miss our gourmet breakfast. Our chef creates delicious breakfasts that leave you feeling satisfied and happy. If you have a special diet, no worries, just let us know ahead of time and we will accommodate your needs.

Come Away Refreshed

How many times have you gone on a vacation and felt like you needed another vacation to recuperate? When you stay here at Hidden Serenity, you will feel relaxed and refreshed after your stay. We are so much more than simply a place to lay your head. Your innkeepers, Chris and Sally, have worked very hard to create a home away from home for you and your family. Staying with us is as relaxing as staying with dear friends. If you are ready to book with us, we would love to have you! It is our passion to provide our guests with a tranquil and relaxing experience so that they can come away from our cozy woodsy place feeling totally refreshed. Plan your getaway now.

Cedarburg Winter Fun Near Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast

Cedarburg Winter funDuring the winter months, many people are coming to West Bend, WI to relax, some come to enjoy some winter fun, others are visiting friends or relatives. At Hidden Serenity Bed & Breakfast, we welcome all visitors that are looking for a place to stay for whatever reason.

In addition to the snowshoeing, skiing, and other winter fun activities, people like to come for the Winter Festival in Cedarburg. Where is Cedarburg, Wisconsin? One thing Cedarburg is known for is it’s annual festivals. It is a city in Ozaukee County Wisconsin; about 20 miles north of Milwaukee and close Lake Michigan. It’s been named on the National Register of Historic Places and has an incredible historic district full of interesting architecture and quaint shops.

To get to Cedarburg from Hidden Serenity B&B, it will take you about 25 minutes. It is a close drive through the country and completely worth it.

What is The Winter Festival? All throughout the year, Cedarburg hosts different festivals. In late February, they put on the annual Winter Festival to get us out there and enjoy some winter fun.

Here are some things you need to know about the 2016 Winter Festival:

Dates for the event- February 20-21

Events lineup for Saturday

  • Restaurant Chili Contest- have a chance to vote for your favorite restaurant through this taste test.
  • Individual Chili Cookoff- those that want to try their hand at cooking up a pot of chili can enter into the individual contest. The winners will be determined by our “Celebrity” judges.
  • Live music from 1:30pm-4:30pm- go check out Joey LaVie
  • Cool Brew and Tunes- those that are 21+ can enjoy a night of craft beers, wine and appetizers as well as live music.

Events Lineup for Sunday

  • Pancake Breakfast
  • 1st Annual Dodgeball Tournament- this part of the event is sponsored by the Dad’s Club of Thorson Elementary School.
  • Old Fashion Brat Cook-Off- enjoy sampling many great brats cooked by the local restaurants.
  • Live music from 12pm-3:00pm- Joey LaVie will be back to perform a second time.

Other Things Taking Place

  • Dog Pull Competition
  • Kid’s Egg Hunt
  • Snow Bowling Tournament
  • 4th Annual Cool Notes Musical Talent Competition
  • Winter Festival’s Grand Parade
  • Ice Carving Contest
  • IceBurg Open Golf Tournament

Needless it to say, there is plenty going on at this year’s festival that you won’t want to miss. There are also many small shops that you can visit while you are walking around the festival. You are sure to find something unique in one of the 25 shops that are nestled in the surrounding area.

Book your weekend At our Bed & Breakfast. Here at Hidden Serenity, we take pride in providing a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere for all of our guests. With our cozy rooms and gourmet breakfast, you are sure to have an incredible time while taking part in some winter fun.

If you want to find out the availability of our rooms for the 2016 Winter Festival in Cedarburg click , If you have questions be sure to call us today at 262-623-0148. We would love to hear from you and get you set up! Don’t miss out of the fun!

Skiing Little Switzerland While Staying at Hidden Serenity

Snowboarding and skiing funNot everyone comes to West Bend, WI to visit the North Kettle Moraine. Many love to go to Little Switzerland to go skiing, snowboarding and more. It is located about 15 miles from Hidden Serenity Bed & Breakfast. This area is full of fun outdoorsy things to do.

What Are the Attractions in Little Switzerland?

There are great things to check out in Little Switzerland. Some of the top attractions include:

  • Switz Bike Park- when there isn’t any snow on the hill, you can take advantage of the amazing bike park that they have. There is a lift that takes you up the hill to get to it.
  • Skiing and Snowboarding- Little Switzerland is a great place to go skiing and snowboarding. They make sure that the slopes are full of snow. The trails offer a place for both beginners and advanced skiers to enjoy.
  • Freestyle Terrain- this is an area of the park that allows people to practice their tricks. Take advantage of the approach zone, take-off zone, maneuver zone, and landing zone to practice and perfect your latest moves.
  • Snow School- you can take ski and snowboard lessons while you visit. You pay by the hour of instruction, so take as many hours at a time as you would like.

This location is great for those that enjoy being in the great outdoors. People come from all over to take advantage of what this ski park has to offer.

Return To The Comfort of Hidden Serenity Bed & Breakfast

Hidden Serenity Bed & Breakfast is a premier place to retreat to after a long day on the slopes and trails. We have created a welcoming place where you can warm yourself up.

Whether you are used to skiing a lot or not, you will want somewhere that you can rest your tired muscles. Our comfortable beds and spacious facility makes for a comfortable place to unwind.

We also offer different massage packages at our spa for your convenience. You can book your massage with us when you pay for your room. It is completely worth it to relax on the tables and let our masseuse help work out the tension you’ve built in your body from a day of activity.

Don’t Forget About The Amazing Gourmet Breakfast We Serve

Sure, you can book a hotel here in West Bend, WI, but you won’t have as luxurious of an experience. We have comfortable rooms and the best gourmet breakfast around. Our fabulous breakfast is put together with you in mind. You will feel absolutely spoiled after your stay with us.

If you are looking at skiing or mountain biking in Little Switzerland, be sure to check out our room availability. We would love to host you for your vacation! We look forward to welcoming you to the best Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast.

Connect with Nature at Wisconsin Wildlife Sanctuaries

Wisconsin Wildlife SanctuariesOne of the best things about visiting our charming West Bend Bed and Breakfast is the ability to escape the routine of everyday life, and to experience a rejuvenating connection with nature.  Our Bed and Breakfast is conveniently located 35 minutes from Milwaukee, making it an easy weekend getaway destination.  Our property is located near West Bend, nestled peacefully in the woods surrounding the Kettle Moraine State Forest.  On property, guests can choose to stroll along our secluded walking trails, or relax in our tastefully decorated rooms filled with special creature comforts, including inviting antique fireplaces.  If you’re looking for a deeper connection with nature, then there are many nearby places you can go to meander along beautiful trails, or view the enchanting Wisconsin wildlife in their native environment.  Book your room now, and find the time this winter to escape to our wonderful West Bend Bed and Breakfast, where you can visit several local Wisconsin wildlife sanctuaries.

Wisconsin Wildlife Sanctuaries

Wisconsin Wildlife SanctuariesWildlife viewing is not always on the top of the list for winter activities, but these quiet, serene months can provide you with some of the best Wisconsin wildlife viewing.  One of the closest Wisconsin wildlife sanctuaries is the beautiful Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary, literally located just across the street.  Unfortunately, this experience is only available from May through November.  However, there are still plenty of possibilities to view wildlife during these beautiful winter months.  Riveredge Nature Center is home to a beautiful and diverse landscape, and is the perfect location for a little winter bird-watching.  Here, you’ll find over 186 species of birds, as well as 26 different types of mammals nestled amongst the nearly 600 species of plants.  This unique ecological area is well known for its biodiversity, and has been widely recognized for providing innovative environmental education to learners of all ages.  Another great area for wildlife viewing is the Horicon Marsh Education & Visitor Center, which is the largest freshwater cattail marsh in the United States.  This beautiful marsh is home to a wide variety of marsh birds, including ducks, geese, pelicans, herons, egrets, and cormorants.  This is also your best chance for the occasional rare sighting of threatened and endangered species.  Finally, take the time to explore the beautiful 136 acre Lac Lawrann Conservancy.  At this stunning Wisconsin wildlife sanctuary, you’ll find over 200 species of birds, small mammals such as Deer, squirrel, beaver, mink, and muskrat, and badger, as well as some of the regions beautiful glacial landscapes and geological features.  

As you can see, there are no shortages of opportunities to view the beautiful Wisconsin wildlife that frequents our area throughout the year. The winter landscapes, dominated by their white, snowy layer, sometimes offer the best platforms for viewing these magnificent animals in their natural habitats.  Escape from those winter doldrums, and come explore winter’s wild landscapes with us. Book your stay at Hidden Serenity Bed and Breakfast now, and then come back throughout the different seasons to see what else we have in store!